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General Information

Poster for A Wish For Wings That Work
  • Directed by

    Skip Jones

  • Written by

    Berkeley Breathed

  • Executive Producer

    Steven Spielberg

  • Music Composed By

    Thomas Chase and Steve Rucker

  • Original Air Date

    December 18, 1991

  • Production Companies

    Amblin Television, Universal Cartoon Studios, Universal TV

  • Distribution by

    Columbia Broadcasting System, Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Main Cast

  • Robin Williams

    George the Kiwi (credited as "Sudy Nim")

  • Michael Bell


  • John Byner

    Bill the Cat

  • Joe Alaskey

    Truffles / Ducks

  • Alexaundria Simmons


  • Tress MacNeille


  • Frank Welker

    Santa Claus

  • Dustin Hoffman

    Milquetoast the Cross-dressing Cockroach


Opus is a bird, and thus yearns to fly--but he is also a penguin, and thus "aerodynamically impaired." Tired of being mocked by the other birds, Opus decides that the only person who can help him with his wish is Father Christmas. But on Christmas Eve, Father Christmas has some problems of his own.


  • Opus

    Hello, my name is Opus and, uh, I am a, uh... a FLAPOHOLIC!

  • Others

    Hello, Opus.

  • Opus

    I accept that my life has become ruled by an obsessive need for flight. I...

  • George the Kiwi

    ALBATROSS!!! Just be glad your wife didn't leave you for an ALBATROSS!

  • Ronald-Ann

    Good, George! Confront your feelings.

  • George the Kiwi

    My puny kiwi wings weren't good enough for Delores... oh no, no. She had to have AN ALBATROSS! With GREAT, BIG, LOOOONG WINGS! He was on hormones. You heard me, read my beak--HORMONES!

  • Opus

    Uh, maybe we shouldn't be confronting those par-tic-ular feelings.

  • Chicken

    Speakin' of feelings, darned if I don't feel like a Boeing 747! I'm cleared for takeoff! Woo!

  • Ronald-Ann

    Good! Let's confront our feelings about that one!

  • George the Kiwi

    So what if they're small? Some women prefer small wings! What did Delores want, quantity or quality? She wants 'em big? MARRY THE SPACE SHUTTLE, YA SHREW!

  • Chicken

    Space shuttle? Watch it!

  • George the Kiwi

    Oh, my Delores...




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Fun Fact

This animated special was produced while Robin and Dustin Hoffman were filming "Hook" together. Since executive producer Steven Spielberg had two A-list actors at his disposal, he decided to give them cameo voice roles in the show. Hoffman's role as Milquetoast was uncredited.

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