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General Information - Album

Cover of Throbbing Python of Love
  • Produced by

    Phil Galdston

  • Written by

    Robin Williams

  • Recording Date


  • Location

    Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA

  • Production Company

    Casablanca Records

Summary (album)

'Stream of consciousness' doesn't begin to describe the torrent of brilliant improvisational tangents that issue from this man's brain... listening to this record is like taking a mental aerobics class with a crazed (and hairy) teacher.

Contains much of the same material found in "An Evening with Robin Williams."



This album is currently unavailable in any format. It was previously available on LP and CD, but the LP is out of print and the CD is only available as a special order.

Track List

01. Back Home (3:40)
02. Throbbing Python of Love (5:39)
03. Falklands (3:09)
04. Richard Simmons (1:17)
05. Wines (4:18)
06. "Jack" (2:37)
07. Elmer Fudd Sings Bruce Springsteen (1:20)
08. Nicholson (1:18)
09. Shake Hands With Mr. Happy (4:06)
10. Babies (2:21)
11. Christopher (3:47)
12. Devils Dandruff (3:06)
13. Cats (3:00)
14. Newsboy (2:35)


For downloads, please visit the An Evening With Robin Williams page.

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