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General Information - Original Broadcast

Poster for Live at the Roxy


This was Robin's first HBO special, part of the HBO On Location series. It was taped on location at the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood in 1978.


Oh, no, everyone I've ever known! There are people here I've slept with twice!

Hello, boys and girls. Welcome to my neighborhood. Can you say "neighborhood"?

None of my props are here; who's fucking with my mind?
Too late now, it doesn't make any difference.

Mork? NOOOO! I do that 5 times a week. This is a special time.

Wow, performing is a drug and this has been an OD. Thank you. Fuck a duck.

Look! The moon like a testicle hangs low in the sky.




This title is currently unavailable in any format. The CD and LP, titled "Reality... What a Concept!", are also out of print. Material from "Reality... What a Concept!" was not recorded at the Roxy but was part of the same tour.


For downloads, please visit the Reality... What a Concept! page.

Fun Fact

Yes, this is the show where he does this:

After the short break, when he returns to the stage he invites John Ritter to join him and improvise. How can you refuse an invitation like that?! So John joins him on stage and it's all hilarious after that!

The video contains backstage footage of Robin before and after the show.

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