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General Information

Poster for The Night Listener
  • Directed by

    Patrick Stettner

  • Screenplay by

    Armistead Maupin

  • Music Composed by

    Peter Nashel

  • Theatrical Release Date

    August 4, 2006
    (original release date: August 18, 2006)

  • DVD Release Date

    January 9, 2007 (Region 1 - North America)

  • Production Companies

    Hart Sharp Entertainment, Fortissimo Films, IFC Films

  • Distribution Companies

    Miramax Films (USA), The Weinstein Company (USA), Telepool (Germany), Forum (Israel), CMC (Taiwan), PMEG (Thailand), Hollywood Classics (Czech Republic), ANS (Turkey), Icon (UK), Village Roadshow (Australia), Svensk (Scandinavia), A-Film (Netherlands)

Main Cast

  • Robin Williams

    Gabriel Noone

  • Toni Collette

    Donna Logand

  • Bobby Cannavale


  • Sandra Oh


  • Rory Culkin

    Pete Logand

  • John Cullum

    Noone's father

  • Christopher Turner

    Lucian "Lucifer"

  • Joe Morton


  • James Stankunas

    P. Dickens


"I'm a fabulist by trade," warns Gabriel Noone, a late-night radio storyteller, as he begins to untangle the skeins of his tumultuous life: his crumbling ten-year love affair, his disaffection from his Southern father, his longtime weakness for ignoring reality. Gabriel's most sympathetic listener is Pete Logand, a fourteen-year-old fan in Wisconsin whose own horrific past has left him wise and generous beyond his years. But when this virtual father-son relationship is rocked by doubt, a desperate search for the truth ensues.



  • Gabriel

    This is NYH from New York City, broadcasting a special live edition. I'm Gabriel Noone and this is 'Noone at Night'. As a storyteller I've spent years living my life in fiction. Like a magpie, I tend to steal the shiny stuff ... discard the rest. The fact can always be altered to tell the story, but this time I have to be careful. I'll lay out the events exactly as I remember them. I want you to believe them after all, which will be hard as it is. This one is called 'The Night Listener'.

  • Gabriel

    "A diary of transcendent hope and courage"? Oh, please ... does it come with aromatherapy?

  • Pete

    Is it really you?

  • Gabriel

    Why wouldn't it be me?

  • Pete

    You just don't sound like yourself.

  • Gabriel

    I'm a little less dramatic in real life.

    [on a flight to Wisconsin]
  • Woman

    Do you have family in Wisconsin?

  • Gabriel

    Yes, actually, a son. He lives with his mother, though. I need to see him on holidays.

  • Woman

    How old is he?

  • Gabriel


  • Woman

    You must have had him late.

  • Gabriel

    Oh, yeah. Fairly.

  • Woman

    Do you have any pictures?

  • Gabriel

    As a matter of fact...

  • Woman

    Oh, my goodness, look at those eyes! He has your nose and chin, though.

  • Gabriel


  • Male flight attendant

    Excuse me, sir. I hope I'm not too pushy, but I saw your name on the passenger list and I just wanted to say I appreciate everything you have done... for us.

  • Gabriel

    Pleasure is mine.

  • Woman (to Gabriel, after flight attendant leaves)

    You've done something for flight attendants?

  • Anna

    Oh my God! Oh my God. No, that's it. What if he's impersonating her?!

  • Gabriel

    What would it be like to still believe in the boogeyman when you're 14 years old, knowing it's the same person who gave you life?



Listen for the truth

You never know who's listening


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Filming Info

  • Dates

    March 14, 2005 - April 30, 2006 (4 days rehearsal, 26 days filming)

  • Locations

    New York City, NY

International Release Dates

  • Canada

    August 4, 2006

  • Israel

    September 14, 2006

  • UK

    September 15, 2006

  • Singapore

    September 26, 2006

  • Turkey

    October 6, 2006

  • Mexico

    December 1, 2006

  • Bulgaria

    January 5, 2007

  • Italy

    January 7, 2007

  • Poland

    February 9, 2007

  • Spain

    February 23, 2007

  • Australia

    March 15, 2007

International Titles

  • Turkey

    Gecenin sesi

  • Greece

    Psithyroi sto skotadi

  • Germany

    Der nächtliche Lauscher

  • Portugal

    Una voce nella notte

  • Spain

    Voces en la noche

Box Office

  • Budget


  • Gross

    $7,836,393 (USA)
    $2,785,502 (international)
    $10,621,895 (total)

  • Opening Weekend

    $3,554,134 (1,367 theaters)

  • Widest Release

    1,370 theaters

  • In Release

    35 days / 5 weeks

  • Closing Date

    September 7, 2006

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