Robin's Wish Available in the UK

January 3, 2021

Robin's Wish will be available to watch from January 4, 2021 in the UK and can be viewed on different digital and on demand platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Sky Store, Virgin Movies, Rakuten, Chili, Microsoft and Google for digital and download.

Tylor Norwood has been credited as the director, producer and cinematographer of the upcoming documentary. The film was made with the support of some of Robin's close friends and colleagues as well as his widow Susan Schneider Williams.

Robin was diagnosed with an incredibly difficult neurodegenerative disorder known as Lewy Body Dementia – Robin's Wish shares the story from a new perspective and will give viewers an opportunity to take a closer look at the Hollywood legend.

Norwood said that the documentary will open people's eyes and hopes that it can provide clarity on Robin's passing.

"It is a moment for us to understand the pain he felt as his talents and faculties rapidly slipped away, and moreover how in the face of that terrifying reality, he was more heroic, more compassionate than any character he ever played in any of his movies," he said.

"So I hope this film rights a wrong that was done to him, and takes away a cloud that has unjustly hung over his legacy for far too long."

The original score for the documentary has already been released on July 24, 2020

Please find all info on the documentary on our Robin's Wish page.

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