Robin Williams greeted by snow at Happy Feet Two premiere in Sydney

Originally published on December 4, 2011 | | written by Caris Bizzaca

It' not every day you see Robin Williams, penguins and snow together in Australia.

But that was the case in Sydney today, as the comic walked the "white carpet" for the Happy Feet Two premiere.

As fake snow was pumped out over the crowds, it billowed around Williams, costumed penguins from the film and director George Miller.

Williams said it was lovely to be back in the country.

"What a weird and wonderful day of weather," he said.

"Yesterday (was) really hot, today like this - cold, wet, but wonderful."

Williams reprises the voice of two characters in the 3D animated sequel to the 2006 Oscar-winning Happy Feet - Ramon the adelie penguin and Lovelace the rockhopper penguin.

"It's double the fun," he said of playing two characters.

"As Lovelace, I get to be this kind of Barry White, kind of spiritual (penguin)."

And Ramon, as always, is looking for love.

"(Still) looking for Miss Right or Miss Right Now and in this place he finds Sofia Vergara, which is a gift," he said of the Modern Family actress's role as his love interest.

"Gracias, gracias, gracias.

"When you see Sofia Vergara, you believe in global warming instantaneously."

Fleshing out the rest of the all-star cast are Matt Damon and Brad Pitt as Bill and Will the Krill, Elijah Wood as the tap-dancing emperor penguin Mumble, and Pink replacing the late Brittany Murphy as his partner Gloria.

Miller said getting so many big names on board was "a great privilege and very humbling".

The Mad Max director said he already had the story for Happy Feet Two in his mind before they had finished the first one and it was an easy decision to jump straight into the sequel.

"When you work on a film like Happy Feet, the characters become part of you, they're like imaginary friends in your head, they're like family," he said.

"And it's such a rich world to work in, it was very,very easy to get into it."


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