Robin Williams' New Life

Taking a break

Originally published on June 06, 2010 | USA Weekend | written by Donna Freydkin

Heart surgery. Divorce. Rehab. Now Robin Williams, 58, says he's a changed man.

“There are boundaries,” Williams says. “Especially now that I'm not drinking.”

Williams' comedy DVD of his sold-out Weapons of Self Destruction stand-up tour of the USA is in stores, and you can watch him riff on health carereform, global warming, hissobriety and his heart surgery.

Last year, the Oscar-winning actor and comedian had an aortic valve replacement after he started feeling fatigued during his comedy tour. The year before, he split from his wife of 19 years, Marsha.

Williams, a father of three, says he is healthy and taking it easy at home in San Francisco.

“It's a quiet time, but it's a good time,” Williams says. “I'm not worried. For me, right now, the greatest thing is to take a moment and just breathe.”

What caused his heart condition? He isn't sure. "It might be genetic. It might be just, you know. When it goes, it goes big."

Williams is searching for his next movie project, but he's in no rush. He plans to spend some time this year doing more of the charity work he is famous for. "I've been to Afghanistan four times. I might try to go back at Christmas. I just have to make sure my heart's kicking."

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