Cargo takes hold of The Angriest Man In Brooklyn

Originally published on May 18, 2012 | Screen Daily | written by Jeremy Kay

Robin Williams, Mila Kunis and Peter Dinklage will star in comedy The Angriest Man In Brooklyn, which Cargo Entertainment sales chief Mark Lindsay is introducing to Cannes buyers.

Landscape Entertainment and Force Majeure are producing the story of a stand-in doctor who mistakenly tells an obnoxious patient he has 90 minutes to live.

The medic tries desperately to locate the man after her comments sends him on a contrite tour of the city to right all the wrongs in his life.

Melissa Leo and James Earl Jones will also star and production is set to kick off in September in Brooklyn, New York. WME Global packaged the project and represents US rights.

Phil Alden Robinson, whose credits include Field Of Dreams, Sneakers and The Sum Of All Fears, will direct from a screenplay by Red Dog writer Daniel Taplitz.

Landscape's Bob Cooper and Tyler Mitchell are producing with Daniel J Walker. Jean-Charles Levy serves as executive producer.

"As soon as we read the script we knew we wanted to be involved," Cargo CEO and managing partner Marina Grasic said. "The hilarious premise and dream team of actors will resonate with audiences worldwide."

"This comedy has a unique big idea, it is universal [and] the talent of Robin, Mila, Peter, Melissa, James Earl and Phil Alden directing is a great recipe for a very special film," Cooper said.

"When I read Dan Taplitz's amazing screenplay I laughed and cried until I realised that I wanted so much to see this film that I was actually eager to spend a few years of my life getting it made," Robinson said.

"I read the script and said wow!" Williams said. "I love the fact that it's so fun and honest. The idea of being that nasty and funny is a gift."


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