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General Information

Poster for The Birdcage
  • Directed by

    Mike Nichols

  • Screenplay by

    Elaine May

  • Music Composed by

    Jonathan Nunick

  • Theatrical Release Date

    March 8, 1996

  • DVD Release Date

    March 26, 1997

  • Production Companies

    MGM, Nichols, United Artists

  • Distribution Company

    United Artists

Main Cast

  • Robin Williams

    Armand Goldman

  • Nathan Lane

    Albert Goldman/Starina

  • Hank Azaria

    Agador Spartacus

  • Gene Hackman

    Kevin Keeley

  • Dianne Wiest

    Louise Keeley

  • Dan Futterman

    Val Goldman

  • Calista Flockhart

    Barbara Keeley

  • Christine Baranski

    Katherine Archer


Armand Goldman owns a popular drag nightclub in South Miami Beach. His long-time lover Albert stars there as drag queen Starina. "Their" son Val (actually Armand's son by his one heterosexual fling, twenty years earlier) comes home to announce his engagement to Barbara Keeley, daughter of U.S. Senator Kevin Keeley, the vice president of the Committee for Moral Order. The Senator and family descend upon South Beach to meet Val and his father and "mother"... and what ensues is comic chaos.


Fun Fact

Robin was originally cast as Albert, but having already played drag roles in several other films, he asked to be recast as Armand. Director Mike Nichols agreed to the change.


  • Albert

    Never mind about my feelings. Never mind about my suffering. It's just about "your show". Not even "our show". "Your show".
    I want a palimony agreement and I want one now.

  • Armand

    Well, I don't have a palimony agreement on me right now. Is tomorrow all right?

  • Albert

    Don't use that tone to me! That sarcastic, contemptuous tone that means you know everything because you're a man, and I know nothing because I'm a woman.

  • Armand

    You're not a woman.

  • Albert

    Oh! You bastard!

  • Armand

    What are you doing? Why are you giving him drugs? What the hell are Pirin tablets?

  • Agador

    They're aspirin. With the "A" and the "S" scraped off.

  • Armand

    No! My God! What a brilliant idea.

  • Agador

    If you do that I will tell him that you're seeing someone else while he is on stage.

  • Armand

    I have two words for you: Green Card.

  • Armand

    What is this? Sludge?

  • Agador

    Yes. I thought it would be a nice change from coffee.

  • Albert

    Well, this is impossible. Either I'm an artist or I'm just some cheap drag queen playing it straight so he can get laughs.

  • Armand

    Let's just try and get through it...

  • Albert

    You always ask so much of me, I have to understand every nuance of a song, I have to rehearse in full costume. But everyone else can just "get through it". I mean... he's chewing gum!

  • Celsius

    Chewing gum helps me think.

  • Albert

    Sweetie, you're wasting your gum.

  • Armand

    Get rid of everything over the top. And get yourself a uniform. You'll have to dress like a butler.

  • Agador

    I'll look like a fag.

  • Armand

    Maybe. But you'll look like a fag in a uniform.


Come as you are.


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Filming Info

  • Dates

    April 24, 1995 - July 24, 1995

  • Locations

    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Miami, FL (The Carlyle hotel, Miami Beach, FL)
    Los Angeles, CA

International Release Dates

  • Spain

    April 15, 1996

  • Australia

    April 18, 1996

  • Argentina

    April 25, 1996

  • UK

    April 26, 1996

  • France

    May 1, 1996

  • Portugal

    May 3, 1996

  • Denmark

    May 10, 1996

  • South Korea

    May 11, 1996

  • Netherlands

    May 15, 1996

  • Germany

    May 16, 1996

  • Poland

    May 17, 1996

  • Hong Kong

    May 23, 1996

  • Philippines

    June 5, 1996

  • Hungary

    June 20, 1996

  • Turkey

    October 18, 1996

  • Japan

    December 14, 1996

International Titles

  • Romania

    Cabaret în familie

  • Canada

    La Cage Aux Folles (French title)

  • Portugal

    Casa de Doidas

  • Greece

    Ftera Kai Poupoula

  • Spain

    Una Jaula de Grillos

  • Venezuela

    La Jaula de las Locas

  • Argentina

    La Jaula de los Pajaros

  • Poland

    Klatka dla ptaków

  • Turkey

    Kus Kafesi

  • Sweden

    Birdcage - lånta fjädrar

  • Finland


  • Hungary


  • Italy

    Piume di Struzzo

  • Slovenia

    Pticja Kletka

  • Brazil

    A Gaiola das Loucas

  • Germany

    The Birdcage - Ein Paradies für schrille Vögel

Box Office

  • Gross

    $124,060,553 (USA)
    $61,200,000 (international)
    $185,260,553 (total)

  • Opening Weekend

    $18,275,828 (1,950 theaters)

  • Widest Release

    2285 theaters

  • In Release

    about 14 weeks


  • Academy Awards

    Nom - 1997 - Best art direction; set decoration

  • American Comedy Awards

    Won - 1997 - Funniest actor (Nathan Lane)
    Won - 1997 - Funniest supporting actress (Dianne Wiest)

  • Blockbuster Entertainment Award

    Won - 1997 - Favorite supporting actor (Gene Hackman)
    Won - 1997 - Favorite supporting actress (Dianne Wiest)

  • Casting Society of America

    Nom - 1997 - Best casting for feature film

  • GLAAD Media Award

    Nom - 1996 - Outstanding Film

  • Golden Globes

    Nom - 1997 - Best Motion Picture - Comedy
    Nom - 1997 - Best performance by an actor (Nathan Lane)

  • Golden Satellite Award

    Nom - 1997 - Best performance by an actor (Nathan Lane)
    Nom - 1997 - Best performance by an actor (Gene Hackman)

  • MTV Movie Award

    Nom - 1997 - Best Comedic Performance (Robin)
    Nom - 1997 - Best on-screen duo (Robin & Nathan Lane)

  • Screen Actors Guild Award

    Won - 1997 - Outstanding performance by a cast
    Nom - 1997 - Outstanding performance by an actor (Hank Azaria)
    Nom - 1997 - Outstanding performance by an actor (Nathan Lane)

  • Writers Guild of America

    Nom - 1997 - Best Screenplay based on existing material

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