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General Information

Poster for Being Human
  • Directed by

    Bill Forsyth

  • Screenplay by

    Bill Forsyth

  • Music Composed by

    Michael Gibbs

  • Theatrical Release Date

    May 6, 1994

  • Laserdisc Release Date

    September 28, 1994

  • DVD Release Date

    April 20, 2010 (order)

  • Production Companies

    Warner Bros., Enigma, BSB, Fujisankei, Goldcrest Films International, NatWest Ventures, Pan Art Productions

  • Distribution Company

    Warner Bros.

Main Cast

  • Robin Williams


  • John Turturro


  • Jonathan Hyde


  • Ewan McGregor


  • William H. Macy


  • Theresa Russell


  • Adam Bryant



One man must learn the meaning of courage across four lifetimes, centuries apart.



  • Hector

    If the world is round, you could still fall off the edge.

  • Boy

    No, it's not round like that. It's like this.

  • Hector

    Do you believe everything that Greek tells you?

  • Lucinnius

    I don't feel so good about doing it now.

  • Hector

    Well... you don't have to do it.

  • Lucinnius

    We will do it with a knife, Hector, after everyone's asleep, the two of us.

  • Hector

    I don't understand, I don't think I could help you die.

  • Lucinnius

    You don't understand, do you? I'm asking you to die with me. You are my closest, dearest slave! How would it look if you refused to die with me?

  • Priest

    Hector, you must stay out of the way of temptation. I saw the way you were eyeing up that widow, you stay away from that! If anyone is going to dally with that widow, it will be me. You couldn't handle her, she'll bewitch you. Give me some bread.

  • Hector


  • Priest

    Well, ya little squirrel... what's wrong whitsha?

  • Hector

    Nothing, I just said no! I brought you the bread because I was near the table, not because you ordered me.

  • Priest

    It's the woman... she's gotten to ya.

  • Hector

    It's not the woman, I'm through with being your slave, I want to go my own way!

  • Priest

    We'll go down the road, then home. The little ones that you talk about when you're drunk, don't forget them.

  • Hector

    I won't! I'm going home!

  • Priest

    Bring me some wine.

  • Hector


  • Deserter #1

    Hector! Hector, thank you for the fruit. Hector, promise me... when we die, you won't let them eat us!

  • Hector

    Who said that?

  • Alvarez

    It was a joke!

  • Deserter #1

    You won't eat us... will you, Hector?

  • Hector

    No, I won't eat you, Lupo.

  • Deserter #2

    You won't eat me either... will you, Hector?

  • Hector

    Oh God no! No offense.

  • Ursula

    You're leaving? You're not staying with us?

  • Hector

    No... I'm, I'm living, uuuhm, leaving with the others.

  • Hector

    C'mon, Boris! It's never been this bad!

  • Boris

    How is she?

  • Hector

    How is she? She's a frickin' voodoo witch! She didn't break a single bone!

  • Hector

    He's so distant, how can I get to him?

  • Janet

    It's easy... all he wants is a hug.

  • Hector

    No, that's not all.

  • Janet

    He's been talking about it all week. When he was little, you used to squeeze him so hard he couldn't breathe. He said, "I bet dad will do it when he picks us up."

  • Hector

    When your mom and I split up, she said, "Don't lose the children." It didn't mean much at the time, but she was right.

  • Hector

    Everything is going to be all right.

  • Janet

    What do you mean, "is going to be?" This is as good as it gets.

  • Hector

    What do you mean?

  • Janet

    I told you, dad, this may be the best moment of your life. How much better do you want it?

  • Hector

    Not much.

  • Janet

    Enjoy it!

  • Hector

    Thanks for the tip.

  • Janet

    Hey Thomas! Come up here, your dad wants to hug you to death.

  • Thomas

    That's been a while!

  • Hector

    You're amazing.

  • Janet

    You'll get used to it!



From the dawn of time man has struggled for just four things: Food. Safety. Someone to love. And a pair of shoes that fit.


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Filming Info

  • Dates


  • Locations

    Scotland, UK
    London, England, UK
    New York, NY
    San Francisco, CA

Shooting in Scotland took place in and around Glen Coe, Highlands; Glen Nevis, Fort William; Rannoch Moor, Highlands; and Ullapool, Highlands

International Titles

  • Sweden

    En Mänsklig historia

  • Brazil

    Segredos da Vida

  • Finland

    Ollaan ihmisiksi

  • Canada

    Le Secret du bonheur (French title)

  • Germany

    Wer hat meine Familie geklaut?

  • Hungary

    Ember a talpán

  • Portugal

    Gente Como Nós

  • Italy

    Le cinque vite di Hector

  • France

    Les mille et une vies d'Hector

Box Office

  • Budget


  • Gross

    $1,519,366 (USA)
    N/A (international)
    $1,519,366 (total)

  • Opening Weekend

    $764,011 (224 theaters)

  • Widest Release

    224 theaters

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