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General Information

Poster for Aladdin
  • Directed by

    Ron Clements and John Musker

  • Screenplay by

    Ron Clements

  • Music Composed by

    Alan Menken

  • Song Lyrics by

    Howard Ashman and Tim Rice

  • World Premiere

    November 11, 1992 (Los Angeles and New York)

  • Theatrical Release Date

    November 13, 1992 (limited)
    November 25, 1992 (wide)

  • DVD Release Date

    October 5, 2004 (Region 1 - North America)
    October 15, 2004 (Region 2 - UK)

  • Production Company

    Walt Disney Pictures

  • Distribution Company

    Buena Vista Distribution

Main Cast

  • Robin Williams


  • Scott Weinger


  • Linda Larkin


  • Jonathan Freeman


  • Frank Welker


  • Gilbert Gottfried



Aladdin is a street urchin who lives in the faraway city of Agrabah with his faithful monkey friend Abu. When Princess Jasmine gets tired of being forced to remain in the palace that overlooks the city, she sneaks out to the marketplace, where she accidentally meets Aladdin. Under the orders of the the Sultan's evil advisor Jafar, Aladdin is thrown in jail and becomes caught up in Jafar's plot to rule the land with the aid of a mysterious lamp. Legend has it that only a person who is a "diamond in the rough" can retrieve the lamp from the Cave of Wonders. Aladdin might fit that description, but that's not enough to marry the princess, who must (by law) marry a prince.



  • Genie

    Aaaaaaaaaah! Oy! Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck! Hang on a second. Whooooooa-whoa, does it feel good to be outta there! Nice to be back, ladies and gentlemen. Hi, where're you from? What's your name?

  • Aladdin

    Uh, uh-uh, Aladdin.

  • Genie

    Aladdin! Hello, Aladdin, nice to have you on the show. Can we call you "Al"? Or maybe just "Din"? Or how about "Laddie"? Sounds like, "Here boy! *whistle* C'mon laddie!"

  • Aladdin

    I must have hit my head harder than I thought.

  • Genie

    Do you smoke? Mind if I do? Oh, sorry Cheetah--hope I didn't singe the fur. Yo, Rugman! Haven't seen you in a few millennia! Give me some tassel! Haaah, yo-yo! Say, you're a lot smaller than my last master. Either that or I'm getting bigger. Look at me from the side--do I look different to you?

  • Aladdin

    Wait, wait a minute! I'm--your master?

  • Genie

    That's right! He can be taught! What would you wish of me, [as Arnold Schwarzenegger] the ever impressive, the long contained, [as Senor Wences] often imitated, but never duplicated (duplicated, duplicated, duplicated, duplicated, duplicated, duplicated, duplicated, duplicated, duplicated!) Ge-nie Of The LAAAAAMP!

  • Genie

    So what'll it be, master?

  • Aladdin

    You're gonna grant me any three wishes I want, right?

  • Genie [as William F. Buckley]

    Ah, almost. There're a few provisos, a--a couple of quid pro quos.

  • Aladdin


  • Genie

    Ah, rule number one: I can't kill anybody. So don't ask. Rule number two: I can't make anybody fall in love with anybody else. You little punim, dere. Rule number three: [as Peter Lorre] I can't bring people back from the dead. It's not a pretty picture--I don't like doing it! [as himself] Other than that, you got it.

  • Aladdin

    Uh, provisos? You mean limitations? On wishes? Some all-powerful genie--can't even bring people back from the dead. I don't know, Abu--he probably can't even get us out of this cave. Looks like we're gonna have to find a way out of here.

  • Genie [as Robert De Niro]

    Excuse me? Are you lookin' at me? Did you rub my lamp? Did you wake me up? Did you bring me here? And all of a sudden, you're walkin' out on me? I don't think so. Not right now! You're gettin' your wishes, so SIDDOWN!
    [as himself] In case of emergency, the exits are here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, anywhere! Keep your hands and arms inside the carpet--weeeeeeee're... outta here!

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Imagine if you had three wishes, three hopes, three dreams, and they all could come true.

Release Dates

  • Argentina

    July 1, 1993

  • Germany

    November 18, 1993

  • France

    November 24, 1993

  • Netherlands

    November 25, 1993

  • Italy

    December 25, 1993

International Titles

  • Russia


  • Slovenia


  • Portugal


  • Poland


Box Office

  • Budget

    $28,000,000 (estimated)

  • Gross

    $217,350,219 (USA)
    $286,700,000 (international)
    $504,050,219 (total)

  • Opening Weekend

    Limited: $196,664 (2 theaters)
    Wide: $19,289,073 (1,131 theaters)

  • Widest Release

    2,331 theaters


  • Academy Awards

    Won - 1993 - Best Music, Original Score
    Won - 1993 - Best Music, Original Song ("A Whole New World")
    Nom - 1993 - Best Sound
    Nom - 1993 - Best Sound Effects Editing
    Nom - 1993 - Best Music, Original Song ("Friend Like Me")

  • Golden Globes

    Won - 1993 - Special Award (Robin)
    Won - 1993 - Best Original Song ("A Whole New World")
    Won - 1993 - Best Original Score
    Nom - 1993 - Best Motion Picture
    Nom - 1993 - Best Original Song ("Friend Like Me")
    Nom - 1993 - Best Original Song ("Prince Ali")

  • MTV Movie Awards

    Won - 1993 - Best Comedic Performance (Robin)
    Nom - 1993 - Best Movie
    Nom - 1993 - Best Song ("A Whole New World")

  • Grammy Awards

    Won - 1993 - Best Instrumental Composition for a movie
    Won - 1993 - Best Song for a movie ("A Whole New World")
    Nom - 1993 - Best Song for a movie ("Friend Like Me")

  • BAFTA Awards

    Won - 1994 - Best Score
    Won - 1994 - Best Special Awards (Don Paul and Steve Goldberg)

  • ASCAP Award

    Won - 1993 - Top Box Office Film
    Won - 1995 - Best Performed Song ("A Whole New World")

  • Saturn Award

    Won - 1993 - Best Supporting Actor (Robin)
    Won - 1993 - Best Performance by a Younger Actor (Scott Weinger)
    Won - 1993 - Best Fantasy Film

  • BMI Film Award

    Won - 1994 - Most Performed Song ("A Whole New World")
    Won - 1993 - Best Music

  • Golden Screen

    Won - 1993 - Best Film

  • Hugo Award

    Nom - 1993 - Best Dramatic Film


    Won - 1992 - Best Animation

  • Golden Reel Award

    Won - 1993 - Best Sound Editing


    3rd - 1993 - Best Picture

  • Youth Artist Award

    Won - Best Family Entertainment of the Year

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